Earth & Chill

by Tikal Shine

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released May 5, 2015




Tikal Shine Los Angeles, California

Death Charms in the key of Kidz Bop

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Track Name: It's a Small World
Same place, same sense of humor
It's no race, there's no room for rumors
All it takes is a little faith to fly
And I believe it since we met eyes
It's worth a try to test our chemistry
Just hold my hand, could be our destiny
You never know, what might lie ahead
I'd rather face it with you instead
I feel dead when you're not around me
The music, we love the way it's sounding
This energy, we're dancing here together
I feel like we can live forever

Yeah, you know that you're my girl
You shine just like a pearl
You know that you're my world

There's so much that we share
That it's time we're aware
Track Name: Rise & Shine
Your body
Girl lemme come inside that body
Let me come play, let me come play
Girl lemme come inside that body
Let me come play, let me come play

Rise and shine
Everybody will be wakin'
When we ditch and dine
Everybody will be makin'
And you know all the people
Rise and shine
Everybody will be fakin'
When we live our lives
Everybody will be takin'
Our ideas, so righteous


Rise and shine
Everybody will be tapin'
When we please rewind
Everybody will be shakin' it 'n
We show so peaceful
Watch us drop it now
Rise and shine
Everybody will be playin'
As we bump 'n grind
Everybody will be matin'
All night long to the right songs

Got to have that one special lil thang
You know what I mean (x2)

Track Name: Livin' Up to the Name
Nothing special about your face and
Nothing special about this place but
Keeps me pacin' with stressful patience
Givin' up in the game
Something about this admiration and
Something about this desolation
Keeps me waitin' in long line nations
Livin' up to the name

She got a coat from Tanzania
You got a car to match your fevers
Spending habits like men with rabbits
Buy it again but don't flinch
The girls of Bel Air bring their blonde hair
To shoot down brunettes but you know who cares
Who backs who the beauty's mutual
As long as I'm laid I'm laidback

You're growing up and looking hamly
My girl and I run a royal family
Loyalty so we send that invite
Run from us, reminisce
You've got to get your life together
Can't live vigorously through wives and weather
Age is a factor, your body a factory
Seduce young boys just to kiss
Track Name: Worthless to the World
What else can I do
To make sure I'm up for you
(I'm worthless to the world)
I'm inside your mind
Ruining your life
(I'm worthless to the world)
All the time

I feel like we're breaking apart
Yeah I feel like you're breaking my heart
And I don't what to say, and I don't know what to do
Girl I don't know who to pay
How to get it through to you
I'm dead inside
There's no gone back
I wish I could
And you know I would
It's one small leap
Just one big step
Worthless to the world

My baby (x6)
What am I gone do?
What am I gone say?
My baby (x6)
What am I do
With you tonight

I feel so useless
I know I'm stupid
But there's nothing I can do
No there's nothing I can change
There's nothing I'll improve
'Cause it's meant to be this way
I think about the future
I can't see us together
And there's something I can do
No there's nothing you can say
Worthless to the world

Track Name: Sunsets and Brunettes
You got me in your pocket
Since the first time we met eyes
We haven't even talked yet
But everything is worth a try
It hurts to cry now
To even look away from your face
My personal life's out
Feels like I've been in bed for days

I like the way she moves around
She got me thinkin' 'bout movin' towns
If ever I should have a frown
I've known that she would still be down

You put me in the cockpit
Expecting that I'd know how to fly
So when I went and crashed it
Don't think you have the right of surprise
I just want you now
We've got to get away from this place
I'm putting those lights out
So we won't see a thousand days


I'm pretty sure she knows it
But still she never noticed
All the wasted roses
With notes I wrote proposing
That we strip both our clothing
Until we are exposing
And on a boat eloping
And in dirt decomposing
But now she's gone
And I'm all alone

Those good times
Where did they go
Gone for good
A true no show
Will they come
back to us?
No they've gone
They're out the door
Track Name: Naughty
Can we ditch up out this party
I'm fixin' to get naughty
Wanna play with me?
Can we ditch up out this party
'Cause bitch I want that body
Wanna stay with me?

I see you in that lobby
Lookin' like a goddess
Move in close to you
And I guess he hasn't noticed
And he don't have to know this
Must get chose by you
And we talk our little word game
But we both know that I came
To transpose with you
Drink in hand feelin' right
Lock the door behind and
Take those clothes off you


I thought you would remember
Our love was lit like embers
But I guess I'm wrong
And I thought you would remember
Your heart that I dismembered
With a single song
Now I see you at this party
Single, drunk and dotty
Trying to belong
And I turn the other way now
'Cause it's another day now
And it's been too long


Why don't you take me out your life babe?
Why don't take my little picture off your shelf tonight?

You take it off
Every little picture frame
You take them all off
'Cause nothing is the same

Naughty faces touch my body (x2)